Advisors love us! From helping them double their fees in a year to stream-lining their existing processes, CWA Network's blueprint systems will launch your practice to the next level. But we don't need to tell you
that - they will!

“I’ve seen John start out in the business and grow to a multi-million dollar practice…he has a very vibrant, niche oriented practice…he’s an exceptional financial professional and from his heart he has agreed to share with the profession because he has a passion to change the experience consumers have with financial professionals. That’s what drives him now to share his expertise, his process and his philosophy…and his journey.”

Bill Costello, CFBS President & General Agent of Financial Architects/Mass Mutual Webster, NY


"Unlike many seminars that provide a brief view of the process or hammer the importance of approach talks and products, John uncovered his process from the initial meeting with the client, to the completion of the first year and beyond. It was a lot of material to cover but it was organized in a way that provided specific detail for each and every meeting".

Brooke Yaiser Financial Advisor Kingston, TN

“When I started using the CWA’s Practice Management Blueprint System I was really concerned that it wouldn't work for my clients...mostly young adults like me...in their 20s and 30s and they really didn't have any wealth yet. Today I have over 35 clients paying an annual fee for the Custom Wealth Inspection, the product sales have increased because the system uncovers more areas than I was finding on my own and I am getting about 4 new prospects calling in to my office every month. I know it's because other advisors are not delivering the experience that I am, thanks to the CWA Network’s System”.

Brian Imrich CFP New York


"I choose to use John’s system because it’s scalable and repeatable and it’s in my opinion in the best interest of my clients. It’s going to allow me to do a thorough job. It’s going to allow me not to miss anything because of the checklist provisions and if you want to make sure you do it right the first time, I think this is the way to do it."

Bruce Charleton Private Wealth Advisor Rochester, NY

"Any advisor's revenue dramatically increases when they implement processes and systems in their practice - but who of us can take the time away from clients to create, design and put into place such a structure? The Practice Management Blueprint System is a proven Unique Process that produces substantial results. Why not spend the time doing what you do best and let CWA Network’s "plug and play" client experience let you shine!”

Colleen Bowler CFP® Dallas, TX


"I’ve looked at and been through almost every major coaching program out there... and this one starts you where everyone else drops you off. This delivers a true client experience that drives referrals, helps your get introductions and really provides a unique experience to help you build your business."

Greg Desmond CPA/PFS, CFP® Walnut Creek, CA

"There are lots of financial advisors that make over a million dollars a year BUT lots of times they keep their secrets to themselves, they don’t want to share their secrets. But, John does…that’s what makes him so influential".

Dan Sullivan Co-Founder, Strategic Coach Toronto, ON


"This is a process that any advisor, given the opportunity to adopt themselves, should run with!"

Don Preston Private Wealth Advisor Buffalo, NY

“It has been so much easier now and to give you actual evidence, I’ve already exceeded by 50 percent the amount of money I brought in fees from last year to this year alone. So, thank you CWA Network for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it.”

Kevin Best CFP, MS Rochester, NY


"I’ve known John for a number of years and I’ve admired his success and the practice that he has put together here is not only everything that we talked about doing but all that stuff which you say, “I really need to do this,” and you never do."

Kevin Flint Financial Advisor Buffalo, NY

"I started with the Custom Wealth Brochure, icons, and key documents. My experience with Compliance over the years has been often frustrating as many advisors will also attest to. Once the CWB was re-branded, colored, and ready to use with prospects, I sent it off to compliance. I followed up about an hour later with a phone call to my compliance officer, Eric. I wanted to explain there was more material to come and answer any questions he had about the brochure. Eric got on the phone and said: 'Kurt, I’ve already approved your brochure for use and it is the best material I have ever seen.' There you go…one hour in compliance and approved for use. That has to be a record!"

Kurt Fedder Financial Advisor Buffalo, NY


"I've spent my career supporting and coaching financial advisors and have determined
that there are two kinds of practices - the process-driven practice and the seat-of- the-pants practice. Process-driven practices tend to thrive - even in the rough times - while seat-of- the-pants practices burn out their owners, theirs staffs and, sadly, their clients. John Enright has built his firm as a process-driven practice. He has taken every aspect
of marketing, planning, implementation and service and has turned it into a repeatable, scalable and measurable process. The result is a firm that has grown by 20% every year, 98% client retention and 100% staff retention."

Lauren Farasati Founder of The Gifted Practice Kailua, Hawaii

“John Enright's success has a lot to do with his process and attention to detail but even more to do with the effectiveness and efficiencies of his team. Thanks to his unique process, his team is always well aware of where each client may be in the process and each team member can easily fill the roles of another team member by referencing their online playbook.”

Tim O'Shea Managing Director at Sagemark Consulting Rochester, NY


"If you all remember the scene from When Harry Met Sally at the end of it, the famous quote is, “I want what she’s having,” and I first met John Enright in 2006. I heard him speak at a company planning forum and I’ve kind of been saying that since then where I look at his practice and the type of adviser that he is".
Chris Dold CFP Lafayette, IN

“Hours and hours and hours of time have been going into our team trying to figure out solutions and CWA Network has already spent years developing a system that has got it all ready to go.”

Steve Dold Paraplanner Chicago, IL


"I think sometimes success can be reproduced as long as we can follow his successful track and I’m very excited and I signed up already and hopefully this can be a benefit to my – I’m sure it’s going to be a benefit to my practice, just that kind of level, how high it can go to. Thank you."

Jing (Jennifer )Wang CLU Boston, MA

"John has always been an inspiration for those of us who are planners. One of the things we are lacking in this industry is how to take a client through the process and John's systematic way has been enormously helpful - for new and successful planners alike. I cannot say enough good things about his process - I've signed up!".

Lei Wang Private Wealth Advisor Hartfort, CT


"The thought, effort and detail that John has put into this system is nothing less than extraordinary. This will be a sea of change in anyone's practice for anyone who wants to seriously deliver a financial process to their clients on a systematic and a thoughtful manner. John, you're the BEST".

Moe Naylon CLU, ChFC Buffalo, NY

"I reluctantly came into the program, but I have to tell you it is the best effort I have EVER seen put together. I know how to open and close, but I needed clarity for the middle. It gave me the tools I needed to give a much better client experience".

Dan Jeffery Private Wealth Advisor Syracuse, NY


"These guys give you the tools you can't get from anyone else. My broker-dealer is really good at showing you how to open and close a sale, but they don't do anything for us in the middle. This system gives us backup information, checklists, monthly coaching calls that fill in the gaps. John & Mike are GREAT. They always answer any question that I have. Call them up - they're here for you. I think that's what every advisor wants - someone to answer the questions they have that no one else seems to be able to".

Garrett Harper Private Wealth Advisor Lawrence, KS

"Being here with these guys [John & Michael] set off MASSIVE light-bulbs for me. I've been in the investment side of the business for 11 years, the insurance size for 6 or 7 years. It's a lifelong learning process. I've been to a ton of conferences and seminars and after ONE day here, they've set off so many questions that I've never been tasked with before. I'm telling you if you're not engaging Michael and John in this process, you're doing it wrong. I'm excited to see where my business is going to go after attending [this bootcamp]".

Kareem Watson Financial Advisor New York, NY


"It didn't take me long to see how many gaps there are in our industry and after attending [John's] boot-camp this year, I quickly became a licensee as I have the full faith in the model to drastically to improve my client's outcomes and their experience".

John Boyle Centennial, CO