Member Benefits

Our financial advisor business plans have been tested and proven to work by the advisors that actually use them daily in their own practices. Join a growing international network of financial planning professionals dedicated to transforming the industry one client at a time.
  • 24hr Web Access

    Video, audio, and transcriptions to train you and other advisors as well as your team on how to deliver each and every meeting of the financial planning process.

  • Two Monthly Coaching Calls

    Every month, there is an advisor coaching call and a team coaching call where you and your team can ask us anything. Business support, system support – whatever you need to be more successful.

  • Advisor Directory

    Get found by consumers looking for advisors who are part of the CWA Network as well as members of the media looking to interview members of our network. As the network grows so to will the benefit of this feature.

  • Practice/Business Coaching

    John and Michael, along with all of the other network members, share their successes, their mistakes and all of their experience so that you can do what took them several years in a much shorter time frame.

  • Technical Training

    Once you have the practical knowledge, you’ll need the tactical and technical training to implement it effectively and efficiently. You’ll get that in spades with us. From estate planning and business planning to investments and tax planning.

  • Fully Editable Documents

    Every client facing document, tool, checklist, and procedure easily edited and re-branded for your firm.

  • Private Facebook groups

    Access all three of our private Facebook groups where you can ask other members and CWA coaches case design questions, marketing questions, business management, or how to better leverage system tools.

  • Marketing Support

    Have questions about how to make the client experience you provide unique to you? We’ll provide answers and guidance to your most difficult questions.

  • Access To Network Members

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so if something is working for another advisor, they’ll probably tell you about it! This is one of many great reasons to be a part of an international professional network.

  • Event Discounts

    We hold 2 live training events every year. The spring Summit is all about how to use our system to run your practice more efficiently and the Fall Forum is always focused on the technical aspects of planning. We want every member to be a super star advisor so we share everything you need to be the best. As a member, you’ll get a steep discount to get in.

Our unique financial advisor business plans are the answer to many industry issues. Click the one that best fits your market for full details.


Within the first year of implementing our systems:

  1. You’ll have a proven two step method for turning prospects into clients.
  2. Every client meeting will be organized, have a specific purpose and presents you as the subject matter expert that’s prepared to help each and every client during each and every meeting.
  3. The complexity of the financial planning process will be simple and easy to understand for your clients.
  4. Your team will know what work needs to get done and who is responsible for every client meeting.
  5. Clients know they are in control of the planning process and appreciate that their goals and objectives are the filter for every recommendation.

By the end of year two:

  1. Your confidence to charge larger planning fees will increase, as you and your clients see the value of your new planning process.
  2. Clients will know, with one document, whether their financial plan is on track or not.
  3. You’ll have all of the tools needed to monitor and run every aspect of your practice
  4. Everything you implemented in year one will move from mechanical to masterful and clients will know it.
  5. Your practice will be worth more because you’ll have repeatable systems and processes running your practice.

By the end of year three:

  1. Your technical skills will be stronger
  2. Your value to your clients will increase substantially
  3. Your revenues will be up and your practice will be worth even more
  4. You’ll begin to feel in control of your practice and your life and if you want to work less, you’ll be able to.
  5. Clients will help you and will begin Sharing their Experience with your firm with others.