Become a Mass Affluent & Gen XY Financial Planning Expert

Our turnkey mass affluent & Gen XY system will teach you to provide comprehensive fee-based or fee-only financial planning to this important market segment. Baby Boomers are expected to transfer $30 to $40 trillion to Generation X and Millennials. Don't miss out on this enormous market and get relevant training today.

FACT: All Financial Planning Firms Need A Repeatable Process For Generating New Prospects and Clients.

Being “the best marketer” or “the most technically savvy” isn’t enough.  Firms today must have scalable, duplicatable systems and processes that wow their clients enough to help your firm generate new qualified prospects that turn into clients, if they want consistent and sustainable growth.Most so-called “process and system designers” don’t know what they are doing because they are just marketers.

We’re not.

By adopting our Mass Affluent & Gen XY turnkey system, you are especially qualified to deliver a unique client experience to this market segment. 

What You’ll Learn In This Training

  • The Planning Process Blueprint

    Discover how to deliver all five phases of our unique wealth planning process. Armed with the power of our system, you’ll be able to attract new clients and take them on a journey all the way from Awareness and Concern through Solution and Education and to Implementation and Annual Renewal.

  • The Client Education Solution

    Master this three-step process for empowering clients as you educate them about every planning issue they should consider. You’ll also learn our three-step method that ensures your clients are educated and in control of the financial plan design process. We have found that clients show eagerness to implement a plan that they helped to create.

  • Planning Language Mastery

    Discover how to master one of the most cumbersome aspects of the financial planning process: writing the final plan. We’ll show you how to quickly and effectively get your plans written. We’ll also provide you with a library packed full of sample planning language, along with a system for adding to your library so you can re-use specific language as appropriate.

  • Planning Tools Technology

    Learn all 7 types of technology you need to succeed as a Practice Management Blueprint: Gen X/Y and Mass Affluent Specialist. We’ll give you all of the tools and technology we have created and also provide you with recommendations for each type of technology to ensure you get the most effective and user-friendly tools available.

  • The Annual Renewal System

    Learn the 4 tools necessary to succeed at delivering an amazing annual review that clients are willing to pay a fee for each year. We’ll give you the tools, calculators and the process to deliver this system effectively and efficiently. You’ll also be over delivering on your value proposition and clients will reward you with referrals.

  • Share The Experience

    This is the pinnacle of referral gathering processes. We only teach this to advisors that have licensed our entire system because it is woven into every client interaction and each of our planning processes. We actually teach clients how to share the experience they had with our planning process with others. Prospects will actually begin to call your office and request to meet with you.


All I can say is WOW

“If you’re a planner serious about reaching millennials, then you needed this yesterday!” ~Kay Pfleghardt, CFP, Rochester, NY.

Sound, Detailed Instructions

“Most people don’t tell you the secrets of what makes them so successful – but John DOES.” Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach, Toronto, ON.

In-depth training. On-going support.

In this 2 1/2 day training you’ll learn everything you need to know about delivering a world class financial planning process to the Mass Affluent and Gen X/Y market. You’ll learn which documents and questions to use and when to use them and exactly how to deliver it! Plus, you’ll be given exclusive access to members-only bonuses and social groups to communicate and share your ideas and experiences with your fellow financial professionals.

Course One: The Two Step
On-Boarding Process

Video Training A: The Foundation Dialogue Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Creating the initial prospect meeting kit
Lesson 2: Which documents and tools to use and why
Lesson 3: When to use each document
Lesson 4: Which client documents are needed Video

Video Training B: The Foundation Dialogue Summit
Lesson 5: How to run the initial meeting
Lesson 6: What questions to ask and when
Lesson 7: Capturing client’s objectives, concerns and data
Lesson 8: Debriefing the meeting with your team

Video Training C: The Strategic Blueprint Boot Camp
Lesson 9: Creating the perfect proposal
Lesson 10: The meeting schedule and sample agenda
Lesson 11: The ultimate tracker

Video Training D: The Strategic Blueprint Summit
Lesson 12: Delivering the perfect proposal
Lesson 13: Reviewing the planning process
Lesson 14: Getting hired and setting expectations

Course Two: Cash Flow Focus

Video Training A: The Cash Flow Focus Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Preparing for the cash flow conversation
Lesson 2: Understand the cash-flow allocation
Lesson 3: Understand the cash-flow breakdown

Video Training B: The Cash Flow Focus Summit
Lesson 4: Delivering the cash flow conversation
Lesson 5: Using the cash flow allocation
Lesson 6: Using the cash flow breakdown
Lesson 7: Introducing the ultimate tracker

Course Three: Investment Focus

Video Training A: The Investment Focus Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Understanding Risk and the Critical Concerns of Investing
Lesson 2: Portfolio Objectives
Lesson 3: The 8 Things You Need to Know Checklist

Video Training B: The Personal and Business Investment Focus Summit
Lesson 4: Delivering the documents and tools
Lesson 5: Aligning the portfolio with their objectives
Lesson 6: Asset location
Lesson 7: The three income buckets

Course Four: Retirement Focus

Video Training A: The Financial Independence Focus Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Understanding which documents to use
Lesson 2: Why each document works
Lesson 3: Zeroing in on the retirement objectives

Video Training B: The Financial Independence Focus Summit
Lesson 4: Teaching clients about retirement planning
Lesson 5: Matching objectives to recommendations
Lesson 6: Explaining Inflation of COLAs
Lesson 7: Sharing the case studies

Course Five: Estate & Risk Focus

Video Training A: The Estate & Risk Focus Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Understanding which documents to use
Lesson 2: Why each document works
Lesson 3: The estate & risk questionnaires and data

Video Training B: The Estate & Risk Focus Summit
Lesson 4: Estate Meeting Process
Lesson 5: LTC & DI Risk Meeting Outline
Lesson 6: LTC Slant Risk Meeting Outline
Lesson 7: The 9 D’s of Buy-Sell Planning (business owners only)
Lesson 8: Insurance Intake & Time Horizon

Course Seven: The Ongoing Wealth Inspection

Course Six: Plan Delivery & Implementation

Video Training A: The Plan Delivery & Implementation Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Developing the Wealth Coaching Plan (Final Plan)
Lesson 2: Why use an implementation schedule
Lesson 3: How to use the implementation schedule effectively

Video Training B: The Plan Delivery & Implementation Summit
Lesson 4: The 3 secrets to delivering the Wealth Coaching Plan
Lesson 5: Using and delivering the implementation schedule
Lesson 6: How to have an effective check-up meeting
Lesson 7: Utilization of their wealth management site and personal vault

Course Eight: Personal Introductions Process

Video Training A: The Ongoing Wealth Inspection Boot Camp
Lesson 1: Understanding the Wealth Inspection Process
Lesson 2: Developing their Investment Road Map
Lesson 3: Creating the Custom Wealth Inspection document

Video Training B: The Ongoing Wealth Inspection Summit
Lesson 4: Running the Custom Wealth Inspection meeting
Lesson 5: Delivering the Annual Schedule of Events
Lesson 6: Using the Assessing Satisfaction tool
Lesson 7: RMP

Lesson 1: The Name Gathering Secret
Lesson 2: Referral Leverage Points (must learn)
Lesson 3: Client & Prospect Sample letters
Lesson 4: The Meeting Script
Lesson 5: Objection Handling (Telephone)
Lesson 6: The referral gift process

Course Nine: Share the Experience

Lesson 1: Creating the Right Mindset
Lesson 2: Identifying & Creating Collateral
Lesson 3: Putting It All Together
Lesson 4: Share the Experience Language

Course Ten: Program Bonuses

Lesson 1: The language bank – Objectives, Observations and Recommendations
Lesson 2: First Meeting Mailings
Lesson 3: Life Event Booklets
Lesson 4: Business Tracking Tools
Lesson 5: Follow up letters for every meeting
Lesson 6: Access to HNW Engage (private Facebook group)

What’s Included:

When you invest today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Practice Management Blueprint: The Mass Affluent and Gen X/Y Process and Training System
  • 10 Core Training Modules
  • 22 Video & 22 Audio Training Sessions
  • 8 Process Explanatory Flowcharts
  • 42 Ready-to-Brand, Editable Client Facing Documents
Licensing Details:
  • Level: New Advisor to Seasoned Professional

  • Setting: Online/Virtual

  • Training Length: 2 1/2 Days

  • Expected Completion and Implementation: 2-3 Months

Plus, you’ll also have access to:
  • Gen XY Engage – Our members only Facebook group
  • Our full Share the Experience prospecting training
  • Personal Introductions Process – referrals on “Steroids”
  • 4 Life Event Booklets – Clients love these!
  • Exclusive BONUS materials, tools and much more

Who Should License This System


High-tech meets high touch.
Are you an eMoney user who feels like you’re relying too much on the technology and not enough on your personal planning process? We use eMoney every day. And when we mesh its exceptional technology with our personal planning process, the combination delivers a first-class, unique client experience.

Enhance efficiency, profitability. Many advisors with great technical skills – they’re a CFP® or ChFC, for instance – know that delivering their advice could be done more efficiently and profitably. If you’re among them: Our system allows you to stop re-creating the wheel by helping you implement a scalable, repeatable and unique client experience for your firm. We’ve done it for others and can do the same for you.



Bring order to chaos. Because you’re already using systems and processes, along with charging fees, our system will quickly feel like second nature. It also will remedy a common dilemma: trying to expand a practice through offering comprehensive wealth planning to clients – and doing it profitably. The Practice Management Blueprint was created precisely to bring order to the chaos and at the same time boost your bottom line.

Replace sales tactics. Give your advisors a powerful edge against competitors while providing them with the tools needed to more easily comply with the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Comprehensive wealth planning is conducive to putting clients needs first because it assures advisors will truly know a client’s current and future objectives. With every step documented and agreed upon with the client, our system results in a high implementation level of AUM and financial services products as the advisor is focused on helping the client buy instead of on selling to them. Contact us for corporate pricing arrangements.



The right way to get going. There’s nothing better than doing it the right way, right off the bat. As you’re mastering the technical side of planning, you can rest assured that our system will provide you with a proven, effective and profitable way to deliver advice. It’s one of the few full-fledged systems that give you the necessary tools to run each and every meeting. No concepts … no fluff.

A next-gen solution. If you’re in charge of training the next generation of advisors for your firm – whether that means 1 or 100 new advisors – this training system is the 21st century solution. Providing training on how to successfully charge fees for financial planning advice is the quickest way to help new advisors grow a profitable practice of their own.


About Your Trainers

Brian Imrich is the founder of GPS Financial.  As a financial planner, Brian and his team provide comprehensive financial planning focusing on retirement, investment and estate and risk planning for Mass Affluent and Gen X/Y.  Brian adamantly believes in an objective, process driven experience that he calls The Wealth Navigation Process. Coming from a family of educators, the process is built around educating clients on their options and strategies to help build more confidence in their financial plan. His unique differentiation and greatest value as a financial advisor is his ability to listen and help clients take action towards their chosen solutions. Brian’s planning practice has consistently produced revenues over $400,000 for the last several years.

Michael Palumbos is the founder of wealth management firm Family Wealth and Legacy. As a family wealth advisor, Michael and his team provide comprehensive wealth planning to high-net-worth families in business. When Michael added systems and processes to his practice, it changed the trajectory of his firm. The system provides a way not only for him and his team to deliver more value in less time, but also assures they do it profitably.