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It should really be simple…regardless of the title, financial planner, financial advisor or wealth advisor; Regardless of the professional designation be it CFP®, ChFC, CPWA or CLU…. When you hire a professional, you shouldn’t have to define what it is they will work on for you.  Your advisor should help you with every aspect of creating your financial plan.

The financial world is way to complicated today.  Most consumers don’t know what they don’t know.  That’s not your fault, the financial world is more complicated today than years ago and it’s changing every day.  What’s worse is that it is almost impossible to tell a good advisor from a bad one yet alone a great advisor from a good one.

That’s why we want to help make this easy for you. Advisors in our system have said that they will take a holistic (comprehensive) approach to your financial situation. We will teach consumers not just what comprehensive means, we will teach you what to expect and how to hold advisors accountable.

Whether you choose a Custom Wealth Advisor from our network or want to hire someone else, there are three keys to hiring and working with an advisor that takes a comprehensive approach to planning.

  • The Hiring Key

    Knowing how to hire a comprehensive planner is paramount. You shouldn’t have to know which questions to ask…the advisor is on the hot seat, not you. We’ll give you a checklist to follow so you know what to listen for during your first meeting. Click here to download the hiring checklist.

  • The Accountability Key

    Once you have made the decision to hire an advisor you need to have a simple way to hold them accountable for creating a comprehensive financial plan that is based on your objectives. Click here to download your accountability checklist.

  • The Monitoring Key

    If you have used the first two keys then you have a solid, comprehensive financial plan in place. The next key is as important as the first two….it’s the ability to help you monitor your financial plan on an annual basis. Click here to download your annual review checklist.

We’re Different

What started as a way to deliver more value to our own clients in a consistent and repeatable manner; has become the standard by which many consumers use to compare the service offerings and financial planing capabilities of financial advisors.  In the end, it’s all about creating a Unique Client Experience for every client we serve.

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