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Creating a Unique Client Experience

“Creating a A Unique Client Experience” is an article John and I wrote for Financial Planning Magazine’s website.

We provide several actionable ideas for creating a unique client experience. When we talk about creating a unique client experience we aren’t talking about picking them up in a private jet. While it’s just fine to cater to and keep your clients comfortable, there is so much more to having the right magazines and music in your reception area.

This gets right into the heart of the financial planning process and how to make the process itself a unique experience. Many advisors spend time and money marketing their financial planning practice but have yet to take the time to look at what they are delivering.

Even today, many advisors main objective is to sell a product or service. Our belief is that if we educate and provide an experience we’ll be able to help the clients buy the products and services they need and want to satisfy their families goals and objectives.