How To Attract Prospects With Your Blog

Prospects, Prospects…

You have an awesome website to attract prospects and build client relationships. You’ve developed an incredible anti-marketing system that works.

Now, you want a blog to really fine-tune the educational aspect of your business.

Getting a blog started is no short task. It is an entire website of it’s own (even if it is nestled in your domain – as it should be). You have to consider making a content calendar (to keep on top of relevant topics and stay relevant for SEO purposes!) and then of course, there’s the actual writing and optimizing of your blog posts themselves.Read More

Why Financial Advisors Need A Two-Step On-Boarding Process

The good ol’ on-boarding process. I see so much variation in this process and…well, let me ask you a question.

Do you know EXACTLY what to say to a prospect to make them say: “We not only need to do this, we want to do this…here’s our money for the planning fee, when can we get started?”

Even if you said, “Of course I do, John!” you might be surprised after reading this.

We all know that gone are the days of one and done meetings, grabbing signed applications and making a sale. A quick note, though: If your focus is first on AUM or generating sales, then this article probably isn’t for you.  I still see many advisors that want to get ACAT forms signed in the first or second meetings, typically prior to delivering any true value.I’m guilty of this – it’s how I started out.

But don’t get me wrong – I LOVE growing AUM and revenues (who wouldn’t) but those are not the metrics I find to be important to real growth.  I have found that finding more ways to deliver value to prospects and clients is the key performance indicator that is the most predictive of future revenue and profit.

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The Three Types of Financial Advisors

So many articles talk about the “different kind of financial advisors” and they generally focus on fee-structure. That’s all fine and dandy … but our passion within the CWA Network is that we’re focused on helping you create a great client experience. Fee type is really only a small part of it.

Right now, helping you create a great client experience first means shining the light on yourself!

Let’s get right to it & identify your “advisor persona”.

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Our “Secret Formula” for Creating A Cash Flow Analysis In 7 Minutes Or Less

The Bane That Is Personal Expenses

Let’s talk personal expenditures & cash flow. Did you just groan? Don’t worry.

We get it.

If you’re not too excited, it’s probably because you’re using a method that soaks up too much of your valuable time helping clients “crunch numbers”, or plug value-after-value into a spreadsheet. We all can do with one less bland Excel sheet in our lives.

Simple, financial math is just part of our lives as advisors and despite it being such a foundational piece of our careers, it can be downright annoying and stressful.

Really – helping clients figure out what they are spending and where they are spending it is STRESSFUL. It ranks right up there with cold calling (because really, who enjoys that?).

So how would you feel if we could both help you improve your advisor-client relationship AND cut the stress down? (more on that in a bit). What if you never had to use another worksheet EVER AGAIN?

What if we gave you a solution that would make determining your client’s expenses…

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How to Build A Practice Management Machine

Each time a new prospect enters your office, you walk them through your process and the assets under management roll in.

Sounds perfect, right? Almost, but there’s more. Actually, we know there is a lot more and it’s much more satisfying (and profitable) to develop a SEQUENCE of repeatable planning processes (A SYSTEM) that creates a unique client experience and watch as clients ask you to manage their assets and guide them through the financial services world as only you can.

We’ve worked for the last 12+ years with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach designing the most engaging and productive financial planning process possible for our clients.  We have engineered and re-engineered the client experience repeatedly by asking 100’s of clients what worked and what didn’t work for them…the results speak for themselves.

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How To Build An Unstoppable Financial Planning Practice

Be Unstoppable

You’ve finally found it…

This resource is designed for those unfamiliar with the CWA Network (CWA for short) — and for those CWA veterans that don’t know where to find all our content. It’s also a blueprint of sorts.

You see — all advisors and planners are at various levels of STUCK.  There’s just so much to learn. From first year to seasoned pro — we are all looking to get better at what we do — always looking for an edge. It’s our defining characteristic.

This page is here to help you locate the resources you need to master all of the intricacies of running a successful practice.

And by intricacies we mean…

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