21 Best Conferences & Events For Financial Advisors in 2019

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ 21 BEST CONFERENCES FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS IN 2019
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2018 is coming to a close and we are already gearing up for our financial advisor training conference in the spring. Here are 21 highly regarded conferences & events for financial advisors. Professional growth is something we highly encourage in the Network, and we hope each of our licensees attend as many as they see fit. We have included events within the US, Canada, UK & Australia.

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First Client Meetings & The “R” Factor

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ First Client Meetings & The _R_ Factor


When it comes to your first client meeting with a prospect, it can feel a bit like a first date. You’re trying to elicit more information without scaring them off or overwhelming them. And at the same time, they’re feeling you out, too.
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10 Referral Ideas for Financial Advisors

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ 10 Referral Ideas for Financial Advisors


When it comes to growing your practice, you probably have a few tactics up your sleeve — but it’s important to know that not all tactics are created equal, especially when it comes to referrals.

Getting clients through referrals can lead to better clients, faster growth, and lower investment than other approaches. With referral clients, you’ve already established a baseline level of trust and credibility, which helps you close deals and develop valuable and lasting relationships.

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Reviewing Life Insurance

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ Reviewing Life Insurance


Life insurance used to be one of those things that could be looked at fairly simply: It was either term life or whole life, and the premiums and death benefits were set for the duration of the policy. Even the cash value portion of a whole life policy was pretty straightforward.

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9 Custom eMoney Advisor Cheat Sheets For Financial Advisors

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ eMoney Advisor Template Cheat Sheets

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What if you had a pre-made list of over 9 cheat sheets that other advisors had already made and tested themselves?

You’d probably be really excited to get your hands on them! Well, great news. We’re all about helping other advisors at the CWA Network and we’re going to do exactly that – right now.

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Financial Advisors & Value Propositions – Finding The Balance

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ FINANCIAL ADVISORS & VALUE PROPOSITIONS

The importance of the right value proposition

As a financial advisor, you put a lot of thought and stake into your value proposition. Your brand is reflected in your value prop. In fact, your entire career can be (or should be) summed up in the value proposition you present to your clients. An excellent financial advisor does the research and puts in the time to determine what their own personal strong suits are, what they do exceptionally well in their practice, what makes them different from their competition, how that serves consumers in their chosen niche and then determine how to explain that to a client (or potential clients) in their meetings.

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Why Financial Advisors Become Financial Advisors

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ Why Financial Advisors Become Financial Advisors

Financial advisors generally get into the industry because they want to help people. How did you go about choosing your career path? Our reasons from planner-to-planner may vary wildly, but the majority of us have a shared wish in common…and that is to ensure the prosperity of our fellow human beings.

Perhaps some of us came to the idea because it ran in the family & we saw first-hand effects of our dad or mom’s work in someone else’s life. Perhaps we came on hard times ourselves and wanted to never feel that way again & to help others never experience it either. Perhaps we just love finance & this was a natural fit for our personalities.
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