9 Custom eMoney Advisor Cheat Sheets For Financial Advisors

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ eMoney Advisor Template Cheat Sheets

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What if you had a pre-made list of over 9 cheat sheets that other advisors had already made and tested themselves?

You’d probably be really excited to get your hands on them! Well, great news. We’re all about helping other advisors at the CWA Network and we’re going to do exactly that – right now.

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Financial Advisors & Value Propositions – Finding The Balance

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ FINANCIAL ADVISORS & VALUE PROPOSITIONS

The importance of the right value proposition

As a financial advisor, you put a lot of thought and stake into your value proposition. Your brand is reflected in your value prop. In fact, your entire career can be (or should be) summed up in the value proposition you present to your clients. An excellent financial advisor does the research and puts in the time to determine what their own personal strong suits are, what they do exceptionally well in their practice, what makes them different from their competition, how that serves consumers in their chosen niche and then determine how to explain that to a client (or potential clients) in their meetings.

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Why Financial Advisors Become Financial Advisors

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ Why Financial Advisors Become Financial Advisors

Financial advisors generally get into the industry because they want to help people. How did you go about choosing your career path? Our reasons from planner-to-planner may vary wildly, but the majority of us have a shared wish in common…and that is to ensure the prosperity of our fellow human beings.

Perhaps some of us came to the idea because it ran in the family & we saw first-hand effects of our dad or mom’s work in someone else’s life. Perhaps we came on hard times ourselves and wanted to never feel that way again & to help others never experience it either. Perhaps we just love finance & this was a natural fit for our personalities.
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Of The Essence: The Best Time To Contact A Prospect

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ Of The Essence_ The Best Time To Contact A Web-Based Prospect

How quickly do you contact a prospect? Do you do any web-based prospecting for your practice? Do you have contact forms available on your firm’s website or are you part of an advisor directory like ours or a professional association where consumers can find you? Did you attend a community event and put out contact forms? Do you have a solid referral process in place?

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Finance and Fees: Finding the Difference Between Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based Services

CWA Network Blog 2018 - Advisor Marketing _ Fee-Based Services

Exploring the fee-only vs. fee-based debate

A quick search of “financial planners” will result in a growing number of fee-only planners. But what exactly is fee-only? And how does that influence a potential customer when selecting a financial planner?

Another quick search of “fee-only planners” will result in definitions from places like Forbes.com and Yahoo Finance, who provide a short definition that works on the surface but doesn’t provide nearly enough information to make an informed decision. Forbes defines fee only financial planners as a “registered investment advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients’ best interest” (1). Which leads us the burning question…shouldn’t all advisors being working in their client’s best interest?

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7 Key Factors To Build A Winning Financial Advisor Team


This past month, our content director Kristina chatted with Andrew Hodge, Team Coordinator for Custom Wealth Management in Syracuse, NY.

The topics ranged a bit, but more focus came in when discussing the importance of a well-oiled, fully-meshed financial advisor team.Check out the interview below for what Andy believes to be the 7 Key Factors To Build a Winning Financial Advisor Team.

Kristina: Andy, great to catch up with you.
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The Financial Advisor’s Guide To SEO


Financial Advisors + Website = Need For Great SEO

You’ve taken your practice online & have hired a team to build you a website that reflects you and your business. Congratulations!

But you’ve heard whispers…

Whispers of a thing that is three letters and sounds really techy and you have no idea what it has to do with website building.

“S-E-O”.Read More