7 Key Factors To Build A Winning Financial Advisor Team


This past month, our content director Kristina chatted with Andrew Hodge, Team Coordinator for Custom Wealth Management in Syracuse, NY.

The topics ranged a bit, but more focus came in when discussing the importance of a well-oiled, fully-meshed financial advisor team.Check out the interview below for what Andy believes to be the 7 Key Factors To Build a Winning Financial Advisor Team.

Kristina: Andy, great to catch up with you.
Andrew: You, too.Read More

The Financial Advisor’s Guide To SEO


Financial Advisors + Website = Need For Great SEO

You’ve taken your practice online & have hired a team to build you a website that reflects you and your business. Congratulations!

But you’ve heard whispers…

Whispers of a thing that is three letters and sounds really techy and you have no idea what it has to do with website building.

“S-E-O”.Read More

Objection Handling – What Financial Advisors MUST Do


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“I already have an advisor”.

There’s that all-too-familiar feeling again. That slight punch in the gut mixed with the unintentional face tension. It’s probably not the first nor the last time you will ever hear an objection like this. Objection handling, just like number crunching, is a fundamental part of our career as financial advisors.

…or is it?

ThinkAdvisor.com had a great article a few years ago that said, “if we do get an objection, I feel like I haven’t done a good job”. The focus around this statement was solely that the system in place should be one that the client experience is simply SO GOOD that there can’t be any objections.

And we’re all about teaching you how to provide that white-glove client experience. Handling objections with grace and ease falls right into our purview. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 
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Transition To A Fee-Based Or Fee-Only Practice

Transition-To-A-Fee-Based-Or-Fee-Only-Practice | www.cwanetwork.com

It’s often a big decision and not always an easy one when an advisor decides to transition to a fee-based or fee-only practice.

We wanted to share a few articles, ideas and our thoughts about making the transition to fees. It’s our opinion that a fee-based model works best. We believe advisors should charge fees for creating a plan, for their knowledge and time…we also utilize wrap accounts for clients investments.

At the same time, the advisor that creates the financial plan is best suited to help the clients shop for the right products needed to implement the final plan.Read More

Fostering Happiness

Fostering-Happiness | cwanetwork.com

Earlier this week, I met with a client that has done a phenomenal job of living below their means. They spend less than half of what they earn on lifestyle, the rest is saved. Now in their early fifties they could retire at any time and live comfortably the rest of their lives.

They live in a very ordinary suburban house, drive very ordinary vehicles but over the last several years the family has been investing in some very amazing family experiences. They have traveled, as a family, all over the US and many places in Europe. Regardless of where they are or what they are doing they are constantly looking for the unique and memorable things to do and definitely they are taking photographs to capture the moment.Read More

How To Attract Prospects With Your Blog

Prospects, Prospects…

You have an awesome website to attract prospects and build client relationships. You’ve developed an incredible anti-marketing system that works.

Now, you want a blog to really fine-tune the educational aspect of your business.

Getting a blog started is no short task. It is an entire website of it’s own (even if it is nestled in your domain – as it should be). You have to consider making a content calendar (to keep on top of relevant topics and stay relevant for SEO purposes!) and then of course, there’s the actual writing and optimizing of your blog posts themselves.Read More

How A Two-Step On-Boarding Process Delivers More Value & Converts More Prospects (More Fees For You, Too!)

The good ol’ on-boarding process. I see so much variation in this process and…well, let me ask you a question.

Do you know EXACTLY what to say to a prospect to make them say: “We not only need to do this, we want to do this…here’s our money for the planning fee, when can we get started?”

Even if you said, “Of course I do, John!” you might be surprised after reading this.

We all know that gone are the days of one and done meetings, grabbing signed applications and making a sale. A quick note, though: If your focus is first on AUM or generating sales, then this article probably isn’t for you.  I still see many advisors that want to get ACAT forms signed in the first or second meetings, typically prior to delivering any true value.I’m guilty of this – it’s how I started out.

But don’t get me wrong – I LOVE growing AUM and revenues (who wouldn’t) but those are not the metrics I find to be important to real growth.  I have found that finding more ways to deliver value to prospects and clients is the key performance indicator that is the most predictive of future revenue and profit.

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