Discover our Turnkey 401K Planning System

With our 401K Advantage system, you’ll learn how to efficiently — and profitably — provide DOL-friendly plan level advice to 401k plan sponsors. While many advisors are moving away from this market segment our DOL-friendly system is a huge opportunity for you.

FACT: The 401K advisory market is changing.

Today’s 401K specialists need a repeatable process that assures the highest level of care for plan sponsors while generating new prospects and clients. The less time you spend on marketing, the more time you’ll spend on the reason you got into the business in the first place: To help guide clients to their financial goals while securing your own financial future as a business owner.

Let’s face it…

Asking for referrals probably never makes it on the list of tasks you enjoy as a financial advisor. But what if your practice had a system in place that not only assured the best standard of care for current clients, but also led to prospective clients approaching you — instead of the other way around?

The concept might sound far fetched, but advisors who use the – Practice Management Blueprint-401K’s planning process have discovered it’s true. And once you implement the system into your practice, you, too, will no longer have to resort to “ask-and-beg” or “hope-and-pray” referral marketing.

The reason is simple.

When clients have amazing experiences, they tend to tell people about it. Our system assures that you will deliver such a unique client experience that it will be shared. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn…

What You’ll Learn In This Training

  • The Ultimate Proposal Template

    Use our proven, nine part proposal template: Unique Process Brochure, Plan Objectives Analysis, Benchmarking Solutions & Pricing Process

  • The Perfect Provider Program

    Use our unique tools to identify the objectives of the plan fiduciary, as well as, demonstrate how you will fulfill those objectives. You’ll have full access to our “401K geek files” that will help consistently demonstrate your knowledge about the 401K industry.

  • The RFP System

    You’ll learn to set yourself apart from the competition. Using our step-by-step process you’ll demonstrate how your relationship with clients works and provide tangible examples such as a sample plan review binder and 401K Advantage Foundation Dialogue kit.

  • The Tools Kit

    It’s one thing to take over a 401K plan. It’s an entirely different thing to service it at a high level, with the right tools: 401K Marketplace Review, The Compliance Binder, Annual Schedule of Events, IPS Checklist, 22 Point Mutual Fund Analysis.

  • The Compliance Binder

    Help clients keep everything organized in one “DOL Friendly” Binder. It’s such a simple thing, BUT huge impact.

  • The 401K Review System

    You’ll know how to protect plan fiduciaries from investment concerns, as well as, help them comply with all plan documents, applicable laws, and regulations. Plan fiduciaries and trustees won’t give your competitors an audience because of your process.


A Thorough Process

“My broker-dealer is really good about showing us how to make a sale and how to close a sale, but they don’t do anything for us in the middle. The Practice Management Blueprint really fills that gap, giving us checklists … and monthly calls that really fill in the gaps. That’s what most advisors want – someone to help answer the questions that no one else can answer for us.” ~Garret Harper – Kansas

Sound, Detailed Instructions

” … That’s what makes the CWA Network so influential and has made it possible for them to make a remarkable set of instructions … and processes for other advisors. It gives me a real pleasure just to recommend this to everyone who is going to listen and read what [Practice Management Blueprint] is recommending to the 21st century marketplace.” ~Dan Sullivan – Toronto

In-Depth Training, Ongoing Support

In this training you’ll learn everything you need to know about delivering a world class 401K planning process. You’ll learn which documents and questions to use and when to use them and exactly how to deliver it! Plus, you’ll be given exclusive access to members-only bonuses and social groups to communicate and share your ideas and experiences with your fellow 401K Specialists.

Course One: Introduction & Conducting the First meeting

Lesson 1: Creating the initial meeting kit
Lesson 2: Which documents and tools to use and why
Lesson 3: Charging a fee for your time
Lesson 4: Which client documents are needed

Course Two: Protecting Fiduciaries

Lesson 1: Understanding fiduciary risk
Lesson 2: Fees are not the only thing
Lesson 3: Investments really matter
Lesson 4: It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you

Course Three: How to conduct a proper RFP

Lesson 1: It’s all about your clients objectives
Lesson 2: Gathering data from the 401K vendors
Lesson 3: Why a blind bid?
Lesson 4: What to ask the vendors

Course Four: Analyzing the 401K Vendors

Lesson 1: How to understand the different fee structures
Lesson 2: Matching their objectives to the right vendor
Lesson 3: Beyond the Fees, 22 point investment analysis
Lesson 4: Delivering the results

Course Five: The knowledge you’ll need to be an expert

Lesson 1: Active versus passive investments
Lesson 2: 401K plan features to understand
Lesson 3: The T chart and target date fund training
Lesson 4: The stuff other advisors miss

Course Six: Implementing and Following an IPS

Lesson 1:Getting the new 401k plan set up
Lesson 2: Designing the perfect investment policy statement
Lesson 3: The IPS checklist – use during the review
Lesson 4: Mastering annual reviews and employee education

What’s Included:

When you invest today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Practice Management Blueprint: 401K Consulting Training

  • 6 Core Training Modules

  • 6 Video & 3 Audio Training Sessions

  • Process Explanatory Flowchart

  • Ready-to-Brand, Editable Client Facing Documents

Licensing Details:
  • Level: New Advisor to Seasoned Professional

  • Setting: Online/Virtual

  • Training Length: 5 Hours

  • Expected Completion and Implementation: 2-4 Weeks

Plus, you’ll also have access to:
  • 401K Engage – Our members only Facebook group

  • Our full Share the Experience prospecting training

  • Personal Introductions Process – referrals on “Steroids”

  • The Compliance Binder

  • Exclusive BONUS materials, tools and much more


Who Should License This System


High-Tech Meets High-Touch.
Are you an eMoney user who feels like you’re relying too much on the technology and not enough on your personal planning process? We use eMoney every day. And when we mesh its exceptional technology with our personal planning process, the combination delivers a first-class, unique client experience.

Enhance efficiency, profitability.
Many advisors with great technical skills – they’re a CFP® or ChFC, for instance – know that delivering their advice could be done more efficiently and profitably. If you’re among them: Our system allows you to stop re-creating the wheel by helping you implement a scalable, repeatable and unique client experience for your firm. We’ve done it for others and can do the same for you.



Bring Order to Chaos.
Because you’re already using systems and processes, along with charging fees, our system will quickly feel like second nature. It also will remedy a common dilemma: trying to expand a practice through offering comprehensive wealth planning to clients – and doing it profitably. The Practice Management Blueprint was created precisely to bring order to the chaos and at the same time boost your bottom line.

Replace sales tactics.
Give your advisors a powerful edge against competitors while providing them with the tools needed to more easily comply with the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Comprehensive wealth planning is conducive to putting clients needs first because it assures advisors will truly know a client’s current and future objectives. With every step documented and agreed upon with the client, our system results in a high implementation level of AUM and financial services products as the advisor is focused on helping the client buy instead of on selling to them. Contact us for corporate pricing arrangements.



The Right Way to Get Going.
There’s nothing better than doing it the right way, right off the bat. As you’re mastering the technical side of planning, you can rest assured that our system will provide you with a proven, effective and profitable way to deliver advice. It’s one of the few full-fledged systems that give you the necessary tools to run each and every meeting. No concepts … no fluff.

A Next-Gen Solution.
If you’re in charge of training the next generation of advisors for your firm – whether that means 1 or 100 new advisors – this training system is the 21st century solution. Providing training on how to successfully charge fees for financial planning advice is the quickest way to help new advisors grow a profitable practice of their own.


About Your Trainers

John Enright practices a fee-based advisory approach by providing estate, retirement, investment and business-owner planning strategies for affluent and high-net-worth clients across 16 states. He currently maintains offices in Syracuse, N.Y., and Vienna, Va. John has spent the last 15 years perfecting the systems and processes that he uses to guide clients through the planning process. Now he is sharing it with you. We call it the Practice Management Blueprint-High Net Worth Edition.

Michael Palumbos is the founder of wealth management firm Family Wealth and Legacy. As a family wealth advisor, Michael and his team provide comprehensive wealth planning to high-net-worth families in business. When Michael added systems and processes to his practice, it changed the trajectory of his firm. The system provides a way not only for him and his team to deliver more value in less time, but also assures they do it profitably.