Comprehensive Financial Advisor
Training & Coaching

We'll teach you how to convert more prospects to clients & keep them for life using our proven, 5-step planning process for the High Net Worth, Mass Affluent/Gen XY & 401K markets.


For Financial Advisors.
By Financial Advisors.

We are financial advisors that run successful six & seven figure practices and have perfected this system over the last 15+ years. We've done all the logistical work, so you can focus on making your business as unique as you are.

A Proven Business Plan.

Unbox our system and apply it into your practice right away. Get every meeting script, client-facing document and planning tool immediately. You save time in two ways: you didn't have to build or test it yourself. We did - so reap the benefits.

Gold-Standard Coaching.

With membership, advisors get access to two monthly coaching calls, discounted access to two annual live training events, tracking tools, and private social media groups to grow your practice.

Compliance-Friendly Marketing.

The business plans in our systems are ready to be branded right to your firm right out of the gate, completely compliance-friendly. No more "ad hoc" methods for your practice. Consistency is the key to success.

Use our business plans for every stage of the planning process.

We the guesswork out of running your firm. We've tested everything in our own financial advisor practice's over the last 15 years, so we know it works.

  • A proven two-step method for turning HNW prospects into clients.
  • Every client meeting organized, purposeful and presents you as the subject matter expert to business owners and high net worth clients.
  • Removes the complexity, making the financial planning process simple and easy to understand.
  • Your team will know what needs to get done and who is responsible for every client meeting.
  • Clients are put in control of the process and appreciate that their goals and objectives are the filter for every recommendation.

Deliver your value proposition
with expertise & confidence.

We've designed the most comprehensive financial advisor practice management system on the market based on the success of our own careers. We've done the testing (and the failing that comes with it) so you don't have to.

  • Three systems, one coaching program, all markets - High Net Worth and Business Owner, Mass Affluent and Gen XY or 401K Advantage.
  • Network with other top financial advisors using the system and increase your confidence to charge higher planning fees.
  • Your team will know what needs to get done and who is responsible for every client meeting.
  • You’ll have all of the tools needed to monitor and run every aspect of your practice.
  • Your technical skills will be stronger. Your workflows will be seamless. Your practice will almost run itself (seriously - John works only 4 days a week!)

Compliance-friendly templates, ready to go.

We know what advisors want templates for because we need them, too.

  • We have financial advisors client meeting agendas, client letters, on-boarding checklists, workflow templates and annual review samples - all ready to be branded to YOUR firm!
  • Clients will know, with one document, whether their financial plan is on track or not.
  • When your brand and workflows are on point, your marketing does itself.

Loved By Advisors. Endorsed By Experts.

"There are lots of financial advisors that make over a million dollars a year BUT lots of times they keep their secrets to themselves, they don’t want to share their secrets. But, John does…that’s what makes him so influential".

~Dan Sullivan Co-Founder, Strategic Coach Toronto, ON

"I choose to use John’s system because it’s scalable and repeatable and it’s in my opinion in the best interest of my clients. It’s going to allow me to do a thorough job. It’s going to allow me not to miss anything because of the checklist provisions and if you want to make sure you do it right the first time, I think this is the way to do it."

~Bruce Charleton, Private Wealth Advisor, Rochester, NY

"I’ve looked at and been through almost every major coaching program out there... and this one starts you where everyone else drops you off. This delivers a true client experience that drives referrals, helps your get introductions and really provides a unique experience to help you build your business."

~ Greg Desmond CPA/PFS, CFP® Walnut Creek, CA

"The thought, effort and detail that John has put into this system is nothing less than extraordinary. This will be a sea of change in anyone's practice for anyone who wants to seriously deliver a financial process to their clients on a systematic and a thoughtful manner. John, you're the BEST".

~Moe Naylon CLU, ChFC Buffalo, NY

"These guys give you the tools you can't get from anyone else...This system gives us backup information, checklists, monthly coaching calls that fill in the gaps. John & Mike are GREAT. They always answer any question that I have. Call them up - they're here for you. I think that's what every advisor wants - someone to answer the questions they have that no one else seems to be able to".

~Garrett Harper Private Wealth Advisor Lawrence, KS

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